Benefits of certified translation

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As technology allows us to connect with other cultures more easily, the role of certified translators is becoming increasingly important. These are professionals trained in languages who ensure that the message originally conveyed in one language (source text) is meaningful, cohesive and accurate in another language (target text), and that it also adheres to the highest international quality standards in terms of formatting, punctuation and spelling.

What are the benefits of hiring a certified professional translator from AngloServicios instead of relying on someone who only knows a foreign language?

1. Our translators are certified (Resolution issued by the Ministry of Justice or Certificate of Proficiency) and have a signature registered before a Notary Public.

To become a certified translator, the professional must take and pass a complex examination before the Department of Foreign Languages at the National University of Colombia, which is the entity delegated to certify the proficiency of aspiring certified translators in the different language combinations. The exam tests the knowledge of the two languages (e.g. Spanish-English or Spanish-French), the ability to translate with ease and, most importantly, the ability to translate accurately and faithfully based on the source document.

This means that texts translated, stamped and signed by a certified translator are legally valid before governmental entities in Colombia and abroad.

2. Certified translators are prepared to understand the context of the message.

Proficiency in a foreign language is not the only factor that determines the quality of a good translation. Culture, customs, the social context of a community and, essentially, the intent of the message have a profound impact on communication. In addition to knowing how to speak fluently, translators and interpreters must continually learn colloquialisms, sayings, gestures and other forms of expression that are usually known only to native speakers.

When you hire a certified translator, you can be sure that there will not be any cultural misunderstandings during the interpretation of an important conversation or the translation of a document.

3. A certified translation may have a positive impact on your reputation

Submitting an inaccurate translation, riddled with errors or confusing expressions, can negatively affect the reputation of your organization or your personal plans. Conversely, hiring a certified translator is a way to demonstrate a high level of commitment to the other parties involved, whether they are consumers, colleagues, diplomatic representatives or educational institutions. A good impression may be the difference between closing a deal or not or being admitted to a program or not.

4. Certified translations are faster

A certified translator is someone who not only has expertise in a pair of languages, but also has different document formats in international standards. By hiring a certified translator, you will receive your documents quickly, without sacrificing the quality of the translation. The experience and knowledge of a certified translator can greatly speed up all types of legal, corporate and other processes.

5. Code of work ethics

AngloServicios’ certified translators practice the defined work ethics, which establishes the guidelines to be followed to facilitate the translation process and guarantee the quality of the service, along with absolute discretion and confidentiality. Thus, all information sent for translation will be treated under rigorous standards of confidentiality, and there is certainty that the translated text will be faithful to its source document.

For more information about our certified translation service, we invite you to contact us through our corporate email address, or let us know about the details or your virtual or face-to-face events in the case of simultaneous interpretation by clicking here.

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