Here is all about the new process to get the apostille on documents authenticated at Colombian Notary Offices

apostillar documentos autenticados en Notarías Colombianas

An apostille is a procedure carried out before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and its purpose is to certify the authenticity of documents issued within the Colombian territory. The procedure only applies when the documents will be sent to countries that signed the Hague Convention. If the document will be used in a country that is not a member of the Hague Convention, the relevant procedure is not the Apostille but the Legalization of the document, another procedure also carried out before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently implemented a new procedure for automatic apostille and legalization of different types of documents, including certified (official) translations. This article explains the main differences between the two processes and points out the benefits of the new option.

How was a notarized document apostilled in the past?

Users had to take the documents personally to the notary office. Then, authenticate the certified translator’s signature, and then scan, and upload the documents on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website, make the payment, and wait for the Apostille to be sent to their e-mail.

The process was cumbersome and slow, not to mention the red tape involved as different processes had to be carried out before two or more state entities, thus putting the document integrity at risk.

New apostille process for documents authenticated at Colombian Notary Offices

Most of the current process is now digital. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Take your documents to the notary office and request the Apostille or Legalization online. You must submit the documents before the notary, who will scan and digitally sign them and then upload them unto the Superintendence of Notaries’ website. Once this step is completed, the notary office will send a Verification Code to your email address.

Note: In the case of Certified Translations, the process needs to be carried out at the notary office where the certified translator’s signature is registered.

  1. Once you receive the email with the Verification Code, you must continue the process as follows:

Visit to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and click on the button “Apostille or legalize from home or office”. Next, choose the option “Electronic documents with digital signature” in the “Type of document” menu, and then select “Documents signed at Colombian Notaries”. Fill out the form and enter the verification code when prompted.

  1. The site will verify the document data, and it will show the payment options. Once the payment is made, the apostilled document will be sent to your email, or you can view it here.

Benefits of the new apostille process for documents signed by Colombian Notary Offices

  • It is no longer necessary to go to different institutions to apostille or legalize a document that requires the signature of a notary.
  • It is more streamlined since most of the process is now digital.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Superintendence of Notaries sites are now unified, easy to use, and provide all the necessary information to carry out the procedures.
  • Documents will be protected from damage, alteration, or forgery.
Does the new process apply to documents issued in previous years?

Yes! It does not matter if it is a recent document or a five-year-old document. You can request the apostille or legalization online at a notary office and follow the steps.

The old process is still valid

Since this is a recent change, some notary offices may use the old and new processes simultaneously, which might make getting the apostille take longer.

It should be noted that the process for other types of documents (civil, religious, and education certificates, among others) has not changed. Visit the following website for more information on how to carry out the on-line procedure correctly:

So, if you are planning a trip and have a deadline to get a document apostilled, your best option is to request it online.

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