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The certified interpreters and translators who work at AngloServicios are registered before the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are professionals in philology and languages with specialization degrees in translation and interpretation from the National University of Colombia.

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    Professional interpretation or simultaneous translation

    AngloServicios specializes in interpretation or simultaneous translation for all types of meetings, trainings, events, conferences, etc. (face-to-face or remote).

    Certified and technical translation

    We accurately translate all types of legal or technical documents such as contracts, agreements, manuals, certificates, records, etc.

    Simultaneous translation equipment or platform rental for virtual events / meetings / seminars

    We have the equipment, experience and technology to provide your event with simultaneous translation for all attendees.

    Why hire AngloServicios?

    AngloServicios is not an intermediary agency that subcontracts interpreters or translators.

    It is a company founded by language professionals.

    Certified Translators

    AngloServicios' interpreters and translators are registered before the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


    We adapt to our clients’ needs and schedules.


    We respect and maintain confidentiality of information provided by our clients.

    National and International Experience

    For over a decade, AngloServicios has successfully provided services to clients in Colombia, the United States of America, Panama, Barbados, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, among others.


    Our staff includes certified English, French, Portuguese, German and Russian interpreters and translators.


    Our company owns the equipment needed to guarantee service quality.

    I love what I do!

    "I get a thrill out of participating in events and being in charge of serving as the communication bridge between English and Spanish speakers. It´s something that motivates me every day."

    Sandra Pinilla

    Interpreter at AngloServicios

    Clients’ comments

    Brilliant accompaniment during a 4-hour virtual event English-Spanish-English. Audience management, high level of technical vocabulary, participant in a previous rehearsal session. We are very happy with the work.
    They understand the urgency of this service and strive to speed up responses, fully satisfied with them
    Excellent simultaneous translation service. I use Anglo Servicios for our events and they always go very well. I highly recommend them!

    Some of our clients

    Take a look at some of our clients and the certifications they have issued for us.

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    events angloservicios

    Learn about the events AngloServicios participated in during May - June 2022.

    Our expertise in offering simultaneous interpretation services has earned us the trust of numerous institutions around the world. The following are some of the most recent remarkable events.

    Webinars with interpretation or simultaneous translation

    A webinar is a web-based seminar. In other words, it is a virtual gathering instead of a face-to-face interaction. It is the generic term used to refer to meetings, conferences, lectures, symposiums, congresses, etc. over the Internet.

    Advantages of hiring a professional interpreter or simultaneous translator for a meeting

    Here are 6 reasons why you should choose to hire the services of a professional interpreter:

    Receive personalized advice for the services you require


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